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The most viewed playlists about travel last month
  1. The Ultimate Travel Playlist
    Songs about travel itself, destination unknown.
  2. America - Travel Playlist
    Travel songs from the birthplace of rock and roll.
  3. Australia - Travel Playlist
    The big brown land has inspired many song writers.

Finding your travel playlist or song

The songs on this site have been categorised according to regions of the World. For songs that have a general travel feel without a specific destination, we've added them to The Ultimate travel playlist. On occasions, the songs may appear in multiple playlists. For example, 'Hold Tight London' a travel song about London is also in the Europe section, while 'Better Be Home Soon' by Crowded House is included in The Ultimate Playlist.

Suggest your own travel playlist or song
Did we miss any great travel playlist or song? Let us know about the songs and why you think they make such good tracks to take on a holiday. Here is how to contact us.

Parties & gatherings

If you are a planning a farewell, the travel songs can be useful for wishing someone bon voyage, or as a parting gift on CD or USB key. A travel playlist will also make a great soundtracks to any 'slide-night' when you gather your friends around to see the photos of your adventures. As always, let us know if we've missed any travel songs and we'll put it up.
  What is Music For Travel?

For anyone who has travelled, music is something that can take them back to their adventures or help pass the time on a long journey. At other times, music is about adding to the travel experience. Everyone has their own musical tastes and their own view on what makes a great travel playlist or song. This site is not about judgements in musical tastes - although, like anyone else, we will inevitably make a few.

We've put together each travel playlist so that anyone heading out into the World can have a collection music about travel to accompany their adventures. Here's what we've found: by playing certain songs only when travelling you will link the music to that time. Then you can bring back those holiday memories anytime by playing the travel playlist again.

For many people, some songs don't even need to have a travel theme in order to be reminded a foreign place: you could have a heard a song a million times in pubs throughout in Australia or while backpacking across Europe. In the end, it's your own tastes and experiences that will determine what you include on your own playlists, but the travel songs listed on this site will give you a some inspiration.

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