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Travel songs about Europe

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    Europe is a continent that probably every traveller will visit once in their lifetime and home to the Eurovision song contest. Most of the well-known English language songs eminate from England but a few travel songs from other parts of the World make an appearance.

    Euro trash Girl - Chicks on speed
    Spend enough time in Europe and you're sure to encounter the subject of this song.

    Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express
    From the German leaders of synthesizer music, Trans Europa Express is a moody instrumental landscape.

    Zoo Station - U2
    Berlin's Zoo (Zoologischer Garten) station has always been an amazing place to visit and this song captures a moody side to the area. For an extra bonus, when you are there, don't forget to catch the U-bahn 2 (U2) to Zoo Station.

    Waterloo - ABBA
    The Swedish pop group won Eurovision with this song that strangely links Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo and love.

    In Liverpool - Suzanne Vega
    Not the cheeriest of songs - which is why it probably captures the feeling of being in Liverpool on a drab afternoon: 'And the boy in the belfry. He's crazy, he's throwing himself. Down from the top of the tower.'

    Vienna - Ultravox
    The video clip for this moody song is almost enough to inspire a visit to Austria's capital.

    Pop Muzik - M
    It's mostly Europe, so visit New York on the same trip to complete the chorus: 'New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody talk about pop muzik.'

    Vienna Calling - Falco
    This song shows why Austrian pop music rarely makes it passed the country's border.

    Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - Trevor Horn Orchestra
    An upbeat and amusing song about the name of Turkey's largest city (but not its capital).

    Dominion Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
    Time to get chanting: 'Mother Russia, Mother Russia rain down down down'.

    Moscow - Genghis Kahn
    Released as a pop song to promote the 1980 Olympic games, few songs get cheesier than this one: 'Moscow, La-la-lah, lah-la-la-lah La-la-lah, lah-la-la-lah, Hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh, Hey!'

    Back in the USSR - The Beatles
    Apparently inspired by the Chuck Berry song, Back in USA, this is a classic Beatles track about the former communist state.

    Warsaw - Joy Division
    A dark and broody piece just like the Polish capital itself.

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